Introducing the UK’s only BBA approved asbestos roof coating system, Asbestoseal.

BBA Approved asbestos roof coating installation
Asbestoseal being applied to a steam-cleaned asbestos cement roof

Like most building surveyors, we’ve always been sceptical about roof coatings, particularly on asbestos roofs, because the results are so difficult to predict and many of the coatings available simply aren’t up to the job.

But, it is now possible to prolong the life of an asbestos roof with a new, technically advanced roof coating designed specifically for asbestos roofs.

We have to declare an interest here, because after being introduced to the technology, we partnered with the chemists who invented it and formed a new company supplying it exclusively via an approved installer network who install to our own exacting standards.

Since this unique asbestos roof coating was introduced in March 2013, we have provided a great deal of input into its further development, to make it the most comprehensive system on the market.

Not only that, but because of our unique standing in the industry, we also designed the asbestos roof cleaning and coating methodology to ensure the safest practices, resulting in the development of brand new fragile roof access systems.

We don’t think anybody knows more about asbestos roofs than us, so if you want expert advice, contact us today.

As we stated above, Asbestoseal is the only BBA Approved asbestos roof coating on the market today and it’s certainly the first time Chartered Building Surveyors have been responsible for a product gaining this industry-leading accreditation.

If you are a specifier of asbestos roof solutions and would like to attend or organise a free CPD session on asbestos roofing issues and the various solutions, please call us.

For more information please visit our dedicated asbestos roof coatings web site and see how a coating could extend the life of your asbestos roof by more than 20 years.