Fragile Roof Safety

Fragile roof safety is probably one of the most underestimated and overlooked areas of cost when it comes to pricing works.

The Heath & Safety Executive in the UK state that at least two methods of fall restraint are required when working on fragile roof surfaces, such as those made from asbestos cement.

Most reputable contractors will want to ensure that their work force is kept safe when working on these structures, but sadly, whenever there is a squeeze on prices, health and safety is often one of the first areas where costs are cut back.

Generally speaking, when working on asbestos cement roofs for example, the minimum requirements for fragile roof safety will include:

  • Internal Netting
  • Access Platform (double hand-railed)
  • Perimeter Edge Scaffold
  • Lanyards / Harnesses

None of these come cheaply and it’s no surprise that some contractors will make significant savings by not including one or more of the above measures, usually the internal netting and double hand-railed access platforms.

Internal netting can cost up to around £6 per square metre in occupied buildings and access platforms capable of doing the job can cost several thousand pounds to buy. (The correct platform types cannot be easily hired).

Our building surveyors have been contemplating the issues of fragile roof safety for some time, as we have considerable experience of working on asbestos roofing projects throughout the UK.

The result of our research is the imminent launch of a brand new, low cost platform made especially to ensure that fragile roof safety is affordable for all.

It does this by not only being a low-cost item to purchase (typically hundreds rather than thousands of pounds), but also by combining a number of safety features that could, in certain circumstances, negate the need for internal netting and possibly even perimeter edge scaffold.

For more information, please see our new dedicated fragile roof safety site.