Metal Roofing

a metal roof survey will identify cut edge corrosion
The cut edge corrosion on this roof is quite severe. As you can see, the roof panels have rusted through in places and this is typical of what happens when the problem is not tackled in a timely manner.

Many modern commercial and industrial roofs are made of profiled metal. Unless properly maintained, they will deteriorate and rust, with severe cases becoming so fragile with pin-holing, that major leaks are inevitable. A metal roof survey will identify the problem areas and provide options for repair.

Relatively simple and inexpensive maintenance will prevent most problems, but we all know that nobody ever really pays much attention to the roof unless, or until there are leakage problems.

The one person you can guarantee looking at the roof of a leased building is your landlord’s dilapidations surveyor.

At the end of the lease, the surveyor will always consider the roof to be the area where most of the claim can be targeted and will almost certainly commence negotiations on poorly maintained properties by requesting a new roof.

If a roof has not been maintained, it’s highly probable that the roof lights will have deteriorated with age and will need overhaul or replacement. The only way to bring the light back into a building is to renew the roof lights completely, so again, this will be the starting point for most dilapidations claims.

Many metal roofs suffer from cut-edge corrosion, where the finish to the exposed edge of the roof panel lifts away and the metal surface rusts.

A metal roof survey will identify the extent of the problem and also provide you with budget cost options to help solve the problem.

This can be cured quite easily by cleaning and then coating these cut edges with an acrylic paint or sealant, but when the corrosion becomes advanced, only sheet replacement will suffice. However, such an approach is only temporary.

In 2013, a new British made product arrived on the market which permanently eliminates cut edge corrosion. The product converts the rust to an oxide and two coats applied in quick succession will provide permanent protection and is backed by a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty. We often specify this for our clients because it is an inexpensive treatment and can save them a lot of money with their dilapidations claims.

It is possible of course, to over-coat an entire roof and make it look like new. There are many coatings available commercially that will seal a leaking metal roof and uplift the general appearance. One metal roof coating comes with a 20 year manufacturer’s warranty and is available in any RAL colour.